Saturday, October 27, 2007

A very lost blogger

Woke up somewhat angry with self for how silly I am in not being able to be more IT savvy (very clearly a digital alien trying to step into zone of at least a digital immigrant) and sad. Sad that I am beginning to love blogging more but not sure how I can better use this to "communicate"

So if there are any kind souls who happen to read this.... please help....

1) how do I created a forum like what you have done for people to "talk" to me?? The reason why I started to blog was to use blog as a platform to continue the friendship with my students. Somehow,,,, after changing the skin, I lost the "code"

2) HOw do I get into a "community of bloggers"? How can pp read and share on my blog or I can do likewise for others?


Zhu said...

I emailed you... ;)

But I'm not sure what you mean by "forum". There are a lots of things you can do with your blog, just take it one step at the time. I wasn't too IT savy when I first started either !

Wiltered# said...

Mr Yeo!!!read my comments hor...I know how to get your taggie back!

You can log in to cbox if u havn't lost your username and password or maybe create another cbox account and start a new taggie =D

Ivan Chew said...

Oh, I DO work on Saturdays. Just not that Saturday. And not at that branch, John :)

TE-hong2003 said...

hello Mr Yeo
Jerome from zhss 2n1'06 here
if u are keen on setting up a forum to discuss about things
i can help u to do so if u wan
send me a email at
or if u talking about the box that u can chat on , on ur blog is the cbox which is @
u can get the codes from there

Ivan Chew said...

Hi John, seems like you've replaced your previous post with a new one... cos I remember reading something different (hence my earlier comment). :) Anyway it's great to see your ex-students finding you via the blog and offering to help.

John Yeo said...

Yo Ivan... NOt really! U r so fast! Just moving on with new entry to keep "fresh". AS for my students advice... yes, will go and check it out at home... I am blessed with good students.