Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Saturday was a good morning.
Good becos Joshua and I went to Lim Choo Kang jetty to do our part to clean the beach. International Coastal Cleanup 2007 for SWAT. Initially was worried for the low turn up but surprise surprise when we got there, it was a good number that came forth including other volunteers who lent a hand.
Whats more meaningful was a morning where people mingled together for a common cause. TO rid the beach of stuff that are not eco-friendly. Stuff like rubber materials (we dug out a wheel of a truck), metal( rid of some screw drivers and shovel), glass and plastic stuff (plently of plastic bags, broken glass bottles, ball, etc) and plenty of interesting stuff like wheel can, clothings, fishing nets, styroform boxes that perhaps dropped off from fishing boats, etc.
Personally I always wish that I could start little Joshua off on some community projects and what better way then to get in touch with good old Mother Nature. We got really "stuck" and became the swamp thing when Josh and I ended up in the sticky gluey mud that trapped our sandals. Thank GOd for good old Oliver who came to our rescue. O, Oliver is one of the coolest people I knew way back in NUS Biological Sciences dept where he was also my tutor for some modules. I missed the days we went to Malaysia for field trips where he showed us how wonderful nature has to offer with his shapr senses and expert knowledge. Then we met again last year where I helped to review the Bio textbooks for CPDD. And guess where I ended up after that! LOL

I am proud of little Joshua who constantly asked to wash his muddy feet; helped me pull up stuck fishing nets (and almost pulled down my pants too) as well as did his little part in digging up the huge wheel.
Check out more photos of the event: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=748497641