Sunday, March 18, 2012

An entry of Purpose... after a looooong year of silence

Its more than a year since I last blogged here. This past year, I have been so caught up in my role as an administrator facing many new challenges and frustrations, somehow, this message from Andrew is truly uplifting. .... Thanks Andrew. All I can say is, God has His good purposes and plans for each and everyone of us. In His Time.

Hi Mr Yeo

I hope you are doing great!

I've been mulling day after day about my future career. And one career option that keeps coming to mind is the teaching career. I am seriously considering the teaching career as I do think I have the passion to impact lives and value-add to their lives. And I would like to let you know, honestly, that one of the real reasons, why I am so inclined to this teaching profession is because of you. You exerted a great influence on me when you were my form teacher in secondary one. You were more than a teacher, you were a mentor and a role model. You also had great aspirations and you go all out in all you do. To top it off, I loved the way you treated CIP projects. It showcased your genuine love for the less fortunate out there. Our class, 1e7 went all out to create a mega CIP project under your leadership, not just for fame or recognition sake, but for the sake of helping the society. This is particularly in line with what God commands us to do. Amen.

In terms of Boys' Brigade, you were again my mentor. I aspire to be like you, a fun-loving teacher, who makes learning no chore, but joy. And I hope to impact other students the way you have impacted me. I am a testimony of how teaching can impact the lives of others. And I would like to thank you for your positive influence on my life.

I would also like to seek advice and guidance regarding this career option.

Andrew Seah

PS. You have in your own way affected more lives than you can imagine, as you have been a precious instrument of God