Monday, October 06, 2008

Tipping the Balance of Time Management

The encouragement below is from Stavros- my room mate back in Buffalo. A remarkable young chap who joined the program right after his marriage and straight off his honeymoon. I shared with my Stavros my recent dilemma of finding a right balance with work, family, masters project and time for personal reflection. Stavros rightly pointed out how creativity is needed to manage this turbulent state of doubt and insecurity. For lack of a better picture, this is one of the most memorable moments we shared with Nate in your parents' place and the wonderful spread of great Italian breakfast... Thanks Stavros for your constant blessings!

When I'm feeling sad i think of a lesson I learned from Tony Robbins. He says that at any given point in time we are making 3 decisions;

  1. What am I focusing on?
  2. What does it mean?
  3. What am I going to do about it?

If you find that you are feeling overwhelmed and focusing on that, then you must decide what that means to you. Maybe it means that you are in the process of making great strides in your career, or maybe it means that you are making a sacrifice of your time for other priorities like family. So what are you going to do about it? will you remember that it it is all worth it and give your self a boost of energy. Will you determine that you need more reflection time and take it for yourself?

Just remember, it is all up to you. You make your own reality, the universe is merely conspiring to bring it to you. Choose wisely and consciously. you deserve the best.

At times I also feel a little overwhelmed by this transition. It is sometimes daunting to think i have no car, no job, not even a bed right now. But for the moment I am choosing to focus on the challenge at hand and the rewards it will bring. the fact that i'm scared only means that i'm scared and that it is perfectly normal. So what i'm going to do aboout it is keep winning small battles. Get the cable to work. Find a car. Make a few phone calls about work. Keep making progress on my school work.

I hope i can keep a strong mind about it. I pray for your & my best outcomes and journeys.

Reply to my blessed friend: Thanks for the timely reminder. Yet, if you may allow me too to encourage have a supportive wife, great parents and a lovely Bungalow on St Thomas Island! Wonder why my thoughts drifted into seeing you as the Next James Bond! LOL