Saturday, October 27, 2007

A tree with two trunks at Orchard Library

Rambling Libriarian reminded me that Orchard Library is shifting....real soon. Though only been there about 4-5 times, I love the design of the library.

When I first visited the library, I was woo-ed with the music stations by the sides. I am not sure if we are the only library in the world that offers this but, it sure is a very cool idea. Also the very distinct "open" concept of how the space is utilized, how the shelves are so well spaced out, and the huge number of books on art and design is simply just an arts haven.

I dropped by yesterday to look for books on directing plays. Last checked, White Sands library does not offer much of a choice. Yesterday, I picked so many wonderful books I wished I could use my family members' cards to borrow more. (NLB should do a research or test indicator on the "culture of Singapore library users: HOw kiasu are we")

The pleasant treat was, there was a manga awards ceremony -Mangaka (very interesting twist to how the Tekka market is pronounced in hokkien/teochew- very SingApor-ian). Otto Fong, a teacher in RI, was the guest judge. I like his point about how even manga art needs be innovated. He shared on how the girl drew the manga gal version of the merlion, how imagination led this kid to draw a monster manga pic out of a make up artist imagination. I loved the manga in the open category- very beautiful. WOnder if NLB will be showcasing them online too?

Time to meet my wife. Before I left, I dropped my Library books chit in the box that may allow me to win a book. I was certain I got the closing date correct: 30 Nov. Very clever way to engage readers! Along the way out, I asked the librarian at the entrance, "Is the rambling librarian working here today?" Jokingly she replied, "He doesn't ramble on Saturdays!"

I caught the photo of the lovely graffiti on the glass. Can you see the "tree"? Look carefully, a tree with magical white leaves. Can you see the short stumpy blue tree trunk? Look again. Is the trunk blue or is it black and longer?

Einstein said "No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it". Use a different lens to see the creative world around us.


Anonymous said...

Hi John, saw your comment on our blog! btw, i think the word on the tree is "dappled" which means: spot: a small contrasting part of something; "a bald spot"; "a leopard's spots"; "a patch of clouds"; "patches of thin ice"; "a fleck of red" OR
mottle: colour with streaks or blotches of different shades
Do join us at our bloggers' briefing on Tues if you can! :)

John Yeo said...

Cool! Thanks for getting the "Dappled" part right. I especially love the one on "leopard's spots" and if I force-connect to "patch of clouds" it lands nicely into seeing a Clouded Leopard- one of my fav exhibits in the Night Safari on Leopard trail-one of the best walking trails in Night Safari!