Monday, June 18, 2007

Miracles 07

My "dad" mysteriously disappeared for a week after a quarrel with my mum. After a police report, then I knew he left the country. I so terribly hoped dad would be back to carry my daughter on the first instance. When I knew that Joanna was coming out one week in advance, I thought that hope was gone. However, miraculously, dad returned the very night my wife went into a labour. When I asked him why, he said he felt something happened back at home two nights before joanna arrived. That's a great miracle right?

While my wife and daughter were still in the hospital, my elder son Joshua got into a very high fever (39 degree celcius) on Sunday night. He was even shivering and went into fit. I had to bring him to KK hospital alone that night at 3am in the storm. It was indeed a frightening experience as a dad. At  5am, we managed to drive back, still in the rain, and singing Christian songs along the way.

We went to the pediatrician, and after a blood test, realised that Joanna had very high level of jaundice and we were strongly advised to send her into hospital for photo therapy. I was not comfortable with the idea as my wife is still not well and she would be worst if to stay by daughter side in the hospital. I prayed to God to stop the rain so that  I could "sun" her. Miraculously even though it rained for past 3 days n even this morning, the rain, did stop at noon.

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