Monday, January 29, 2007

What you do when you don't know what else to do

I hope to live LIFE TO MY FULLEST

Almost impossible when you grow older>@#@*($^$#$

I was driving and kind of feeling sorry for self.... ya self pity, stupid morning jam, unfinished work, not having enough time to b super daddy, more meetings and minutes to type, the list goes on.

Its also tough to do QT each day, once you plonk your bums onto chair in office and on the computer... the craze and race begins

Suddenly as I read about Our daily Bread, about the Disneyland being the Happiest place on earth, I can't stop but ask... What am I going to do on this earth... listening on to the audio bible on John yes, JOhn, images conjurred of how Jesus was ministering to the people, I can't help but ask... He too was a very busy man... but he knew His purpose.

Taking a step back, I can't help but find it silly to squeeze in the jam to fight for a smoother lane. Give the man a break, I say. Others may find it a lost to let unwillingly another car squeeze in. What is there to lose... face... hah.. the man behind can't see ya unless I stick my head out and make a fool.

Sometimes just going against the "norm" and looking at big pictures and doing it differently, does help to settle your heart and mind.

If Jesus can do it, so can I!
1. Maximise potential of each day
2. More meaningfully engaging each day
3. Feel more shiok
4. MOre focussed
5. Greater zest
6. Inspire others to b jus as passionate or even more
7. Fire in my eyes
8. Being creative in how I can fun with each day
9. Look back 10 years later and say, I did it!
10. Go to bed each night with a smile

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