Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finding INspiration within is such a beautiful and liberating experience!

After a week of info-loaded induction in my new job, sleep was my ony past time during the weekend. Interestingly, I woke up on Sun, caught the news and heard about the mysterious streak of light across the normally unexciting dull Singapore skies. Going back to sleep shortly after dinner, I dreamt I was riding on the light....

I sensed the sorrow of people who lost their loved ones, I sensed the fear of people living not knowing when the bomb will next blow on them, I sensed the loneliness of people who lost their job and wonders why the papers brags on the economic turn of the year, I sensed the pain of mothers who seemed so near yet so far to their child they loved.

It was such an awed dream and the feeling I had was "why". With the rush and buzz of the past 2 days, I was fortunate to look across my window and saw the gardeners tidying up the bushes of the lovely slope of the Biopolis and suddenly I found the key to unlock the dream. How often I lived my life rushing from moment to moment, day to day, year to year. The dream revealed of people I know and chatted with in Dec. A friend who was suddenly retrenched, a student's mum who just could no longer connect to a son who was fighting for his freedom, the people I watched on TV crying when they hear of the crash of the Indonesian plane.

How have I lived each day of my life? How have I made a difference in someone's life? When was last time I stopped to pray for a stranger in need of help?

I realised once again, we are called to live with a purpose. To seek our individual purpose is a journey that is interconnected with the people around us, the events that are happening around us. Counting my blessings, I know life must not only still go... but how I want it to go on!

As for my darling Joshua, if only you understand why I take on this job because I am compelled to want to make your education a better one for you one day. Yes, 21st century skills is BIG but whats the big deal? Its not just a vehicle to make you a better person but somehow, to help you chart your own dreams into reality. None-the-less, I have also neglected you.... thank you for waiting for me everyday by the door shouting "ko ko ding". I wish you will remember how endearing this title is to us. Its stupid to just wish for more time to spend together. Remember how much I would love to read to you bed-time stories, how we fight as shark and dolphin, how I became dong dong chang for you, may I never look back again and say "if only I had more time with you"

At the centre of my heart, its about angels that God placed in my life to challenge for growth, to just give a big smile and sing them a happy song, to just stand up no matter how exhausted I may be to offer a seat, to give a pat and say "Well done", to lend a shoulder to cry on and just shut up, to not say anything but just act upon a need, to speak when no one dares to challenge, to stop and just let others win, to inspire and tell them they too can make a difference,.....

Count my blessings.

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