Thursday, December 27, 2007

Women are from Venus and Mars...

I thought I knew women. yes, esp the one at home

Sigh... I must admit, perhaps it was the flu bug or perhaps the knock-out over Christmas, I was not at all feeling well the past week. Physically, emotionally, etc. I knew SHE was upset with me. The fact that I knew she was upset that I am not much a help, especially when joanna cries at night or when my wife needs a good rub. I knew that I wanted to be there for her but its just that I am a dead log when I sleeep. God forgive me. On Christmas afternoon, after a long 4 hours sleep (yes, as all good men would blame it on the drowsiness of the pill) we got into a small argument. She was sobbing as she felt just so disappointed. I sure was afraid that she may conveniently transit into PNB- figure that out on ur own. The last B- is a colour!

And out she uttered: "Don't ever tell me you want another kid.... thats the last!!!" Oh how my heart goes out to her. Like a good obedient boy, I sheepishly replied, "Yes, of course, ..." AND she continued..."and you are really not at all a dependable husband... I can't trust you!" my heart aches. In my mind, I don't see myself going for flings, or late night supper or beer, ,...I am but an honest loving hubby who comes home right after work. And by THE way, I also cook too you know... But well, just let her be.... But that kind of spoiled my week. Past few days, I have been wondering, how would life be like if I have no kids, not married or even unattached. But of course, I knew being married to HEr was one of the best things that God has done for me.

The soap opera continues with a few days later, she revealed. "I hate going back to work. " Ah ha... so that was the answer to her misery "You are undependable = I hate going back to work"!!! Now that makes sense... I smiled secretly It was odd though cos she loves her work, or more correctly, she is highly committed to her work. So it really ought not to be an issue. As a well trained facilitator, I probed a little more... "I understand how you feel... why not tell me about it..." I soothed her... and the truth came out. It was not about me, it was not even about the work... it was her worries that she may not even breastmilk for the little one.

Ah yo yo .... yes, women are really wired very differently. As for terrible husbands all there who share my plight, this is for us :"No women is complete until she takes a husband- only then can she be considered finish"

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