Thursday, December 27, 2007

A long three months ago...

Didn't realise that it was exactly 3 months ago that I last put an entry into my own blogspot. Interesting how I created new stuff through multiply- . Liked the interface very much cos its simple and compact. Pity, not many subscribers to mutiply so will park it for the time being. Got a little crazy with Facebook. Yes, the WORLD is in it. Interesting how I have been connected to so many networks. But it really frustrates me big time with the so many redundant applications.... maybe thats why people are on it... a simple outlet to "live" out of their boredom.

Joanna's a beautiful baby. I remember the week that she was born, so many things happened at home. Parents quarrelled, dad went missing, etc. I must say, Satan really wacks hard where it hurt most. Nonetheless, our good good God really answers prayers.... the night Joanna was about to be born, my dad came back. Its a testimony cos thereafter I asked him, being uncontactable for so long, how do you know when to return. His reply, "I felt something happened at home and thus I returned." Simply amazing how God works.

With a couple more days to 2008, I can't articulate anymore resolutions, with fear of yet another unfulfilled promise.

But I do know for sure that God wants me to draw closer to Him and lean less on my own strengths. How, I don't know. Many challenges lie ahead: the mime, my studies in June and July, my work, etc. But I know Joshua and Joanna would want to have a better father.

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