Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Its so hard to say Goodbye 2

From a very special group of fun loving yet hardworking students, the poster and the shirt were some of the most sentimental farewell gifts I received many years ago. Unfortunately, the poster needs to be taken down from my study room after all these years.  Thank God for technology and how Blogs can help preserve memories....

Sigh... This was indeed a very special class to me. The unforgettable 2N1. They were initially a pretty tough bunch to motivate  them to learn Science during Sec 1. However, getting to know their interest better, I realised that the best strategy was simply to find wacky themes that were related to the topic I was teaching.

I can vaguely remember some of the topics:
  • Using Super heroes on learning about the physics topic of Forces  (yes, I wore a red underwear outside my pants to class);
  • Frying Chay Tow Kway on learning about Heat Changes  and 
  • Playing with Lego bricks to build sperms and eggs to learn about sexual reproduction.

It was definitely pretty wild to teach science back then with such crazy ideas. Thankfully, I managed also to 'wow' them.

Shortly after I left the school, the class appeared on the local news ...

BUT little did I realise, I was also 'posted' onto youtube ...

As the students have all graduated and moved on in their lives, I can but only cherish such fond memories of the days I was still a classroom teacher! 2N1 rockx!!!

From Super Yeo... presenting my 2 little Super Heros!!!

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