Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Vision, Mission & Anchors

“… the creative person also is a self-actualized person – a fully functioning,
mentally healthy, forward-growing human being who is also using his talents
to become what he is capable of becoming.” Maslow, 1968

My vision is to spread the cause of creativity to empower myself and others to live a more purposefully driven life!

My mission follows for the next five years to enjoy the liberation and fulfillment by explicitly thinking out of the box to create greater fulfillment and meaning through building strong connections with God, people, education, parenting, and blogging- deeply centred on values.

Having articulated my vision and philosophy, I have encapsulated them into the following 3 states of personal ‘mindfulness’ (Boyatzis & McKee, 2005):

Consciousness- Self-actualization: To enjoy the process of deliberating, working through challenges, and building small steps of successes by bringing ideas into fruition;
Connections - Synthesis and meaning making: Through collaborations and co-creations by strengthening relationships and driving new directions of work both within the Ministry as well as in personal areas by helping others to see ‘new meaning’ of common interest;
Communication- Simonton’s 5th P of Persuasion: To be the catalyst that help other discover “ideas that are so good that they change the ways others think” (Runco, 2007) through networking, curriculum partnerships and blogs.

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