Friday, May 16, 2008

Attitude part 2

After posting my thoughts on the previous workshop, I guess God wanted me to teach me another lesson on tenacity.

Yesterday, I helped out with yet another school with the training. On the way down to the school, I was told that the last session only had 2 non-English speaking teachers attending the session. It made me wonder, what are some HODs doing- was it to create training sessions so that they could clock it for their own KPIs? I was told that the HOD would get the whole of his mother tongue department down this time round since 'facilitation is key' to their program. The first teacher arrived into the training room, and immediately declared to the HOD that she needs to go and see a doctor. Some encouragement indeed. However, after realising that not many teachers arrived, she decided to stay on. Subsequently a few more came along, including the old guards from the last session. We were then informed later that the malay teachers weren't able to make it last minute, and that left us with 6 very dedicated chinese teachers.

After initial check-up with them, we decided we will do something that was totally unprepared and never done before- thats right, to conduct the workshop for the very first time in chinese. The teachers were more engaged, I supposed since Mr Mar-ting and Mr Yue Han (John in chinese) were both comically and oddly entertaining with our direct translation from the powerpoint. During the tea break, I was reliefed to hear that the teachers enjoyed the session, especially since they could not really follow the last one that was conducted in chinese. Moral of story- right attitude to listen and to adapt.

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