Tuesday, April 08, 2008

48th Coy Boys Brigade

Today, as I am thinking about my role and contribution in CPDD, received an email for Kok Keong, a fellow BB officer who attached a document for an ex-student's application to be a primer. What Jame's wrote really nailed my heart as an educator.

3. Relate any significant experience or Officers that you had with the BB that has touched you the most or taught you something valuable you will never forget.

James wrote, "Although the BB has been memorable to me, there is one person that remains etched in my mind. Mr John Yeo had been my officer, and later Biology teacher in my four years as a boy. Even though he has left to “spread his wings”, I am sure that no boy under his charge will ever forget him. As corny as his jokes may be, he was always fun to be around. He was like a mentor to us in his Lifeskills Workshop, and never ran out of faith in God. His faith fuelled him and guided him to continue inspiring us, always the role model, ever the leader. He is a part of BB that I cannot forget, nor will I ever try to."

Made me wonder, have I been flying without wings here?

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